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Monday, June 05, 2006

The louder they yell...

...the more they lie.

I first spotted this on Crooks and Liars. Keith Olbermann deftly points out how Bill O'Reilly slanders American soldiers, lies, repeats the same lie, and lies again when he gets called on the lie. On top of that, FOX News later doctored a transcript of Bill's show to cover up his lie. And all of this just to rationalize what happened at Abu Ghraib and what allegedly happened in Haditha. To paraphrase Jon Stewart, I can't tell if that's the fairness or the balance.

FOX viewers, please listen: I'm not asking you to change your opinion on any political issue, but please, please stop watching Bill O'Reilly. The man is a menace. If you have to watch it, watch it like you would watch professional wrestling.
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